Dometic supports world record attempt to drive green energy solutions

Dometic is part of a team attempting to break a world record sailing the first fully hydrogen-powered boat 400km between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Dometic will partner with a team uniting companies, governments, and individuals by attempting to break a world record, sailing the first fully hydrogen-powered boat 400km between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, highlighting the range capabilities of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels.

The TU Delft Hydro Motion Team consists of 23 students from TU Delft. Their mission is to propel the maritime and energy industries towards a sustainable future by developing innovative technologies that emphasise the importance of integrating hydrogen-powered vessels.

After successfully proving the application of solar power as an alternative to fossil fuels in the maritime industry, there is now the possibility of another green fuel option – hydrogen and planning to sail 400 km to demonstrate the application of hydrogen fuel over a long distance. Together with a range of partners including Dometic, they will design, build, test, and sail a foiling hydrogen-powered boat in just one year.

With its regional steering distributor Allpa, who is assisting with installation and technical support, Dometic has supplied the new ‘EA 3300 electronic steering system’ providing a safe and fast steering response for high precision control. This innovative solution eliminates hydraulic fluids, pumps, cylinders, and hoses, consolidating three major subsystems into a single unit. It’s 55% lighter and saves 85% of electrical power compared to the previous hydraulic steering system, significantly reducing environmental impact. Dometic has also provided the ‘Dometic SeaStar Sport Plus Tilt Helm’ offering superior comfort and control, which is ideal for the team’s long journey ahead.

Eric Fetchko, President of the Marine Segment for Dometic, said: “We are delighted to play a role in helping to drive the marine industry towards a more sustainable future. We pride ourselves in making innovative, durable, and low-carbon products, which significantly reduce environmental impact across product life cycles. We have been very impressed by the ingenuity and forward-thinking mindset of the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team and can’t wait to watch them in their record-breaking attempt.”

Mick Polak, Driveline & Steering Engineer, TU Delft Hydro Motion Team said: For our new boat, incorporating a Dometic steering system is an innovation that aligns with our goal for automation, especially as we are transitioning from a fully mechanical setup to a ‘sail by wire’ system. Dometic’s reputation for reliability and sustainability aligns with ours, making it the clear choice.

“We are determined to compel companies and governments around the world to amend their legislation, mandating the inclusion of hydrogen-powered vessels and the development of additional infrastructure crucial for the green energy transition.”

After 15 years of solar boat innovation and three years of building a hydrogen-powered boat, the team plans to promote the possibility of generating, storing, and using clean energy and will continue to build hydrogen-powered boats.

Comprehensive sea trails will begin before the record attempt starts this summer.



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