Adventure Bay Motor Yachts

By: Lawrence Schäffler, Photography by: Supplied

Video: Auckland’s Adventure Bay Motor Yachts – supplier of luxurious monohull launches – is expanding its range to include power cats. The move will please family-oriented boaties who like fast cruising without hefty fuel bills...

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Adventure Bay’s current range of vessels is built by Activa Marine, a Taiwanese company with a reputation for solidly-built, hand-crafted vessels with plenty of style. But they’re best-known for their price – generally 30 – 50 percent cheaper than their European or North American counterparts. Which is why they can be found in marinas all over the world.

Despite the production line environment, Activa would be the first to agree that its New Zealand-destined vessels are a little different to its more conventional builds. And that’s because John Winter – the owner of Adventure Bay – doesn’t do conventional. All of the vessels he lands here reflect a considerable dash of his input: lots of attention to detail, specific tweaks in layout, style and practicality that provide a sense of individuality – and above all – family-friendly features.

The identical recipe is now being applied to the production of the power cats. Winter has spent some $80,000 over the last three years perfecting the cats’ design. They’re from the drawing board of Melbourne-based designer Chris Tucker, whose New Zealand track record includes work with Oliver Marine (now incorporated into Mustang Cruisers), Warwick Yacht Design and Roger Hill Power cats.

Two models will be available initially – a 46- and a 56-footer. And the basic hull, deck and superstructure is the starting point – each cat will be finished according to its owner’s preferences – will plenty of input from Winter. So given the undeniable popularity of the Activa launches – why the move to power cats?

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