Electric Cigarette-Mercedes boat blasts 2220hp

Photography by: emercedesbenz.com

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Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes-AMG have produced the world’s most powerful electric performance boat — a technology concept seeing a Cigarette 38 Top Gun offshore powerboat outfitted with an all-electric E-Cell powertrain.

Electric Cigarette-Mercedes boat blasts 2220hp
Electric Cigarette-Mercedes boat blasts 2220hp

Unveiled at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept produces 2220hp and 3000Nm of torque out of four 60-kWh lithium ion batteries teamed with 12 liquid-cooled, permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors.

The boat integrates numerous components from the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive, the world's fastest electrically-driven series production vehicle. The 11.5m craft is capable of over 160kph and produces zero emissions.

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