Extended warranty on Suzuki outboard engines

Suzuki Marine, currently offering a five-year warranty on 40hp to 300hp engines, will be the first outboard company in New Zealand to offer an extra one-year outboard motor warranty.

Extended warranty on Suzuki outboard engines
Suzuki offers a six-year warranty on its engines.

The 5+1-year offer will only be available on the new DF140A, DF115A and DF100A models, purchased from participating Suzuki Marine dealers between March 1 and May 31, 2013, while stocks last. To secure the 5+1-year warranty, customers must ensure their Suzuki motor is serviced through a genuine Suzuki Marine dealer using genuine Suzuki Marine spare parts.

Introduced in late 2012, the DF100A, DF115A and DF140A are significantly re-engineered motors offering several benefits. The new DF140A engine uses up to 14 percent less fuel and is 7kg lighter than its predecessor (already Suzuki Marine's biggest-selling engine). All three motors swing a larger propeller and employ the Easy Start Control System and Suzuki Lean Burn Control System to push a boat further through the water with less effort. The re-engineered outboards are based on a proven marine-specific 2044cc four-cylinder motor and feature a 16-valve DOHC cylinder head delivering high power output and efficient operation. They all have multi-point sequential EFI for smoother and faster acceleration and crisp throttle response.

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