Auckland views sought on Rainbow Warrior memorial

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Ports of Auckland are seeking Aucklanders’ views on a memorial to the Rainbow Warrior bombing.

Auckland views sought on Rainbow Warrior memorial
The Rainbow Warrior II

It is 30 years todays since the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. Ports of Auckland is seeking Aucklanders’ views on a proposal to erect a memorial to commemorate the 1985 historic event.

"The Rainbow Warrior is a piece of New Zealand’s history and the port’s history. We believe it’s important to have a fitting memorial that remembers the day the Rainbow Warrior was bombed. We’re putting forward a memorial design and seeking feedback from the people of Auckland", said Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson.

"We believe it is important that we establish a memorial for such a significant event in Auckland and the port’s history."

Greenpeace executive director Bunny McDiarmid endorses the approach of Ports of Auckland. "I think the idea and concept proposed by the port is a very good one and I am hoping that the public will think so too."

Rainbow Warrior skipper Pete Willcox says, "It would be nice to have something physical here at the Marsden wharf site to remind people walking by that this is where it was. It will be a very fitting remembrance of where the boat was bombed."

The proposed memorial will be on Quay Street opposite Marsden wharf where the Warrior was bombed. It has been developed by environmental planners and design consultants, Boffa Miskell.

The memorial consists of a seat facing north and incorporates the bollard the Warrior’s bow line was moored to when she was sunk. The memorial also includes a description of events laser cut into a steel sheet. The memorial will provide a place of reflection and a physical marker of the site of the sinking.

Marsden wharf itself is being removed as part of the long-term programme of building and maintaining a modern efficient port that can handle the larger ships bringing products and visitors to Auckland.

The drawings can be viewed and feedback provided on the Ports of Auckland website. The memorial plans also will be made available during an exhibition being held by Greenpeace at The Cloud in Auckland from July 10-12.

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