Locals help police rescue man in Lyttleton Harbour

By: NZ Police

Canterbury police have thanked two men who helped rescue a stranded man in the middle of Lyttleton Harbour.

On Saturday 4 July 2015 local men Mark Beecroft and David McRoberts assisted police in rescuing a stranded man in the middle of Lyttleton Harbour when his boat came adrift while he collected shellfish.

The man is understood to have taken his boat to a rock formation that is exposed during low tide in the middle of Lyttleton Harbour. Unfortunately his boat came loose drifted away on the strong current leaving the man stranded. Fortunately the man had his cell phone with him and was able to call police for help."

Constable Brett Goucher said "When police arrived at Lyttleton two members of the public offered their help and the use of their boat. The drifting boat was recovered approximately 1km from its stranded owner. The two men towed the boat back to the fisherman and picked him up from the exposed rocks, taking him and his boat back to Lyttleton Harbour."

Canterbury police would like to thank Mark and David and acknowledge their community spirit and selflessness to come to the aid of the stranded man.

This is a timely reminder for all water users to ensure that they have a reliable way of raising the alarm if they get into difficulty and a backup in case there is no cell phone coverage in the area.

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