Marine Retail Group changes name

By: Media Release

New Zealand’s largest retail marine group Bargain Boat Bits has this week changed its name to Boating and Outdoors.

It’s a move that Boating and Outdoors purchasing officer John Bolitho suggests will better reflect the ideology of a comprehensive one-stop commitment to boating and marine lifestyle, sales and service by the nationwide retail group.

The new philosophy, image and associated logos and promotional materials were unveiled at the group’s recent annual general meeting held at the Novatel Hotel, Auckland Airport.

"The collective 21-member group was keen to distance itself from the ‘bargain’ or ‘low quality’ connotations the former name suggested," Bolitho explained.

"Ours is a lifestyle business that covers so many different facets of the marine industry and as such our members firmly believe it is an infinitely more recognisable step in the right direction to adopt the new name as well as the chosen new philosophy of ‘Supplies for the Kiwi Lifestyle’.

Bargain Boat Bits as an entity commenced operations back in 1987, gleaned from an idea by local Napier retailer Firmans Marine. Under the guise of Marinelink, it was Firmans MD Brian Firman’s deliberate strategy to access more favourable bulk buying prices for its group members. To achieve this, members committed to purchase from chosen suppliers for the season ahead.

Over the ensuing years Marinelink has strategically increased its dealer membership and commitment, and perhaps more importantly enjoyed increased respect from the nation’s leading and more reputable suppliers.

In 2002 the group assumed the mantle of Bargain Boat Bits and moved into the new age of supply and service by employing Mr Bolitho as the purchasing officer, negotiating and co-ordinating brand research, purchasing and product selection, and Jane Potter who handles the administration side.

"Today we have a group of 21 of the top marine dealerships in New Zealand, all dedicated to providing skilled product knowledge and expertise," Bolitho explained. "More importantly though, the customer service aspect is more than satisfied by the realisation our valued clients can get the best deal cost-wise, then have it fitted on-site by the experienced technicians within these respective dealerships.

"We only deal with the best products too; from top marine-industry suppliers such as Hutchwilco, BLA, GME, Navico, Fusion, Lusty & Blundell, Trailcom and ENL, to name but a few. The advantages of Boating and Outdoors in the market is unmatched by any other group - with more stores, showrooms with experts in store and service departments that can both fit and repair products. Bulk buying of quality products offers customers a better deal all round."

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