Check your boat trailers and speeds warn police

By: Media Release

Drive to the conditions and watch your speed, especially if towing a trailer in the message from Waikato Police after one vehicle took a corner too fast and lost a boat on a busy rural Coromandel highway.

District road policing manager, inspector Freda Grace, said a member of the public raised the alarm regarding the crash on SH25 about 6.15am today.

"It appears a vehicle towing a trailer about 10 minutes north of Whitianga has approached a corner too fast and the boat, believed to be about 8m long has come off the trailer and come to rest on the road blocking the highway.

"The boat was eventually recovered however this serves as a reminder that when we speak about driving conditions, we’re not just talking about the weather and pretty soon the Coromandel roading network is going to be subject to far bigger traffic volumes than normal with the summer holidays."

Mrs Grace said its important motorists know the capabilities of not just their vehicles but also themselves.

"Driving conditions can also cover the serviceability of your vehicle, is it fit for the road, are you? Does your trailer or caravan have a current warrant of fitness and how experienced are you at towing?

"We’re encouraging people to ensure both they and their vehicles are fit for the road and recommend people book their vehicles and trailers in to get checked before mechanics close up for Christmas.

Over the summer with large numbers of vehicles heading towards the beach one mishap or one slow vehicle can have massive repercussions."

Mrs Grace said she wanted to remind motorists that the open road speed limit for light vehicles towing trailers is 90km/h and drivers need to consider slowing down to even lower speeds, particularly when cornering.

"So, on behalf of NZ Police I want to wish you a safe Christmas and remember safe drivers mean safer families."

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