'Crazy' boating behaviour has harbourmasters nervous

By: Media Release

Complaints about “crazy” boating behaviour on Lake Karapiro this past weekend have harbourmasters nervous about the safety of lake users.

One reported incident included a boat nearly cutting between a boat and its skier.

Other complaints involved failure to have observers when towing, speeding, boating on the wrong side of ski lanes, and towing clockwise.

"This sort of crazy behaviour can potentially have very serious consequences and we ask that all lake users learn and stick to the safety rules," said Waikato Regional Council’s maritime services team leader Richard Barnett.

"This year we increased the frequency of harbourmaster patrols on the lake. But, ultimately, it’s the skipper’s responsibility to first know the rules, and second to follow the rules. Given the risks to life and limb of not following the rules it’s simply not acceptable for boaties to take a slack approach."

People who witness unsafe behaviour on the region’s waterways can contact Waikato Regional Council harbourmasters 24/7 on 0800 800 401.

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