Wide options for Skinny users

Skinny Mobile has moved aggressively into the 4G Broadband network.

Wide options for Skinny users
We checked Westhaven Marina and it looks good strong 4G coverage

An interesting thing happened some years ago, capacity for decent mobile internet started to develop. It didn’t quite keep up with demands for video streaming or massive file movement and prices stayed quite high, relatively speaking. But now Skinny are stepping it up launching proper data heavy 4G plans, Skinny Broadband.

Utilising Sparks 4G network Skinny is giving us freedom from landline based internet and at reasonable prices. 60GB costs only $55 per month plus a one-off modem cost of $199. And to make the deal even sweeter, for a limited time customers can get their first month free – worth $55. And as per other Skinny products, the plan is Pre Pay only, perfect for infrequent users or travellers.

The 60GB $55 per month plan should allow customers to satisfy all their data needs like listening to Spotify, watching movies, as well as checking Facebook & shopping online. According to Skinny, the average household uses approximately 45GB a month, so 60GB should be plenty for most boat owners.

"At Skinny we listen to our customers and we are a nimble business, which means we can always keep one step ahead of the competition and make the most of new technology." comments Ross Parker, General Manager of Skinny Mobile.

"We've been rated number one in Prepay Value and in Customer Satisfaction and we're translating that winning formula into our broadband service. We’re committed to being the best value player in the broadband market and offering the same super low prices and great service that Skinny is known for", concludes Parker.

An online address checker is available on the Skinny website so you can check whether Skinny 4G Broadband is available for you. We did a quick sweep to check Westhaven Marina’s coverage and found it difficult to gauge coverage with some near-by addresses registering no service and some good coverage. Skinny say it is safe to assume you will have 4G Broadband coverage anywhere your mobile does; a safe assumption given they use the same networks. For more information, see https://www.skinny.co.nz/broadband/

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