New appointments to Maritime New Zealand board

Transport Minister Simon Bridges has announced the appointment of Janice Fredric and Blair O’Keeffe to the board of Maritime New Zealand.

Mr O’Keeffe has been appointed as Deputy Chair of the board.

"The appointments of Ms Fredric and Mr O’Keeffe will complement the current team, ensuring a strong and diverse board," Mr Bridges says.

"Ms Fredric, a chartered accountant, brings strong financial and commercial skills to the board. She has 15 years governance experience from a range of organisations, and has experience as a business consultant.

"Former chief executive of CentrePort, Mr O’Keeffe brings strong leadership, knowledge of the maritime sector and strong analytical skills to the board," Mr Bridges says.

Ms Fredric and Mr O’Keeffe’s terms start on 15 March 2016.

Maritime New Zealand is a crown entity whose primary function is to promote maritime safety and security, and protect the marine environment in New Zealand.

The board has five members, appointed by the Minister of Transport.

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