New boats | 2016 Northbank 650 HT

The Northbank 650 HT (hardtop) gets a hot new makeover for 2016.

Trailerboat first reviewed the hardtop Northbank 650 HT early in 2012. Fast forward four years and the basic premise of the boat still exists but now with sleek new lines and upgrades to standard features.

2016 Northbank 650 hardtop

2016 Northbank 650 HT

The most notable change on the Northbank 650 HT is the most obvious: a new hardtop, complete with bigger windows made from toughened glass. The biggest benefit is better visibility – something all boaters need – with sharp modern looks a stylish bonus.

Key to the design of the all-new hardtop was the ability to retrofit it to older models and some of the cuddy range, namely the Northbank 600C and Northbank 650C. Owners of these boats can order a new hardtop and have it fitted at the Northbank Fibreglass factory. This opens up a opportunities for owners who maybe wanted a factory hardtop but just couldn’t afford it at the time.

Standard fuel capacity is at an already shelf-friendly 250 litres with the option of more. The hull’s deadrise is an aggressive 21 degrees and the maximum horsepower rating is 250. The transom is designed for a 25-inch leg, and the hydraulic steering and ample rod storage point to the boat’s intended use – heading off-shore. Dry hull weight is 1400kg; tow weight is expected to be around 2500kg; external beam is 2.44m and freeboard is a massive 930mm.

Hardtop on 2016 Northbank fibreglass fishing boat

Stern-drive power is an option, as is a transom designed to carry twin outboards. Interestingly, a live well is optional; we thought that’d be standard for a boat like the Northbank 650 HT.

It’s no surprise that Northbank, although quiet on a national scale, has a cult following in its South Australian homeland. Fortunately for other states, Northbank is expanding, first with the appointment of Melbourne Marine Centre, and with more to come.

Northbank manufactures fibreglass models from five to 7.5m and is supported by a national dealer network around Australia.

Northbank 650 HT specs

MATERIAL Fibreglass

TYPE Monohull planing


BEAM 2.44m

APPROX WEIGHT 2500kg (tow)


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