Singer Jamie McDell pens song for dolphins

“Son of the ocean, son of the sea, come be outspoken, wash all this clean.”

Raising their voices for Maui dolphins, New Zealand singer/songwriter Jamie McDell and 55 passionate Kiwis have inspired the release of ‘Son of the Ocean’.

It is estimated that there are only 55 Maui dolphins over the age of one year left in the wild. To raise awareness of this critically endangered dolphin, ‘Son of the Ocean’ is McDell’s contribution to WWF-New Zealand’s Challenge 55.

She was joined at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios in May by 55 young Kiwis, chosen by online audition, to contribute musically. All proceeds generated from iTunes downloads of the song will support WWF’s efforts to save the Maui dolphin.

McDell said her goal was to to raise awareness the dolphin’s plight.

"The Maui dolphins are like the kiwis of the sea, there’s nothing like them!" she said. "A song about Maui dolphins can get people’s attention asking for more protection of the species.

The song has been released in conjuncture with WWF-New Zealand’s ‘Challenge 55’, which is supporting the conservation of the critically endangered Maui dolphin.

WWF-New Zealand head of campaigns, Peter Hardstaff, said the effort was raising funds to strengthen the group’s advocacy for better protection of this special creature. 

"We can save Maui dolphins if urgent action is taken," Hardstaff said. "The government needs to remove set-netting and trawling from Maui dolphin habitat and support affected fishers to move to dolphin-friendly fishing methods."

‘Son of the Ocean’ can be downloaded via iTunes.

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