Hutchwilco recalls Fisher Vest lifejacket

Lifejacket manufacturer Hutchwilco is recalling its Fisher Vest lifejacket due to a fault found in the inflatable bladder inside the jacket

Following the discovery of an issue where the inflatable bladder inside the jacket may not fully inflate when activated, manufacturer Hutchwilco issued a recall of Fisher Vest—an inflatable lifejacket designed to be worn by fishermen.

It’s the company’s first lifejacket recall since it starting business in 1894.


 "The issue we have discovered is that there is a possibility that the bladder inflation may not burst the zip as designed, if it has not been packed correctly," says Hutchwilco operations manager, Bernard Orme.

"While the partial inflation will still afford the wearer some positive buoyancy, it is not as designed and certified.

"After critical evaluation, we made the decision to carry out a full recall. We have already contacted all the retailers we have sold this product to, and now we need to get the message to the public that have purchased it."

There have been no known injuries or incidents.

Sixty units have been sold to consumers since the lifejacket started retailing from the start of this summer.

If you’ve purchased a Hutchwilco Fisher Vest, return it to your retailer or contact Hutchwilco on 09 528 0788.

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