Fyran 500 Rebel

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Not that long ago, the typical Kiwi boating family owned a 14-foot, half-cabin boat with a medium-sized outboard. As time passed, the boats got bigger and heavier, requiring bigger, heavier and thirstier outboards. Costs spiraled, and for many families affordable boating disappeared off the radar.

Fyran 500 Rebel
Fyran 500 Rebel
Fast forward to May 2008.

With fuel heading towards $2 per litre, Chris Pascoe and the team at Fyran Boats have introduced a boat specifically built to take advantage of Honda's newly-released 50hp, four-stroke outboard motor.

The Fyran 500 is a 5m cuddy-cabin boat with a beam of 2190mm and together with the 50hp engine, has a towing weight of only 845kg. That also makes for a package that's easy to launch and retrieve single-handed.

Designed for affordable family fun, the Fyran 500 has an easily-driven hull, a massive cockpit and is very stable at rest. Its 4mm aluminium hull has a full length keel bar, and with underfloor flotation is unsinkable (CPC-rated).

Standard features include an acrylic windscreen, a forward hatch, a battery switch, bilge pump, boarding platform, side shelves, navigation lights, twin box pedestal seats and four rod holders.

Honda's newly-released 50hp fuel-injected outboard is a perfect match for the Fyran 500, delivering sparkling performance even with three 90+kg blokes onboard.

Honda's BF40 and BF50 engines

Electronically fuel-injected, the new four-stroke BF40 (40hp) and BF50 (50hp) engines are compact lightweights, offering excellent fuel economy and ultra-low emissions.

Both engines feature two revolutionary new technologies – BLAST and ECOmo.
BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) operates under fast acceleration conditions and increases the fuel-air mix, while at the same time advancing ignition timing to the maximum achievable level to increase torque under full load conditions. This results in fast response and excellent hole shot performance.

ECOmo provides superior fuel economy and very low exhaust emissions. The new BF50 delivers a 22 per cent improvement in fuel economy over the model it replaces – which was itself a market leader.

Under cruise conditions (23mph) the BF50 sips just over six litres per hour, providing a range of 90 miles on a 25-litre tote tank. Like the rest of Honda's outboard engine range, the BF40 and BF50 exceed CARB 2008 and EPA 2006 emissions standards, and both have the OEDA 3 Star ultra low emission rating.

All Honda outboard engines are covered buy a five-year warranty.

Engine Specifications
  BF40 (ZZ4A) BF50 (ZZ5A)
Configuration SOHC inline three-cylinder SOHC inline three-cylinder
Displacement 808cc 808cc
Max output 40hp (5500rpm) 50hp (5750rpm)
Rec engine speed 5000-6000 5500-6000
Dry weight 96kg (SRT) 98kg (LRT) 100kg (LHN) 102kg (XRTN)

Fyran 500 Rebel Specifications (Price –with plywood floor – $14,273. With aluminium treadplate floor – $15,820)

LOA: 5000mm
Beam: 2190mm
Hull thickness: 4mm
Max hp: 60hp
Transom: height 20"
Towing weight: 845kg

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