Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems

By: By John C. Payne

Book Review

Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems
Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems

Sheridan House

Payne is an international authority on marine electrical systems and electronics, and has previously penned two major books – Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible (now in its third edition), and Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual.

This new book – like the others – is an easy-to-understand read, but offers thorough treatments of the technical issues facing every boat owner.

Concise, compact and fully-illustrated for easy reference, it covers:

  • Boat plumbing systems
  • Fresh water systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Galley plumbing systems
  • Watermaker systems
  • Salt water systems
  • Bilge pump systems
  • Shower (gray) water systems
  • Sewage (black) water and MSD systems

Payne is a sailor and a professional marine electrical engineer and surveyor, with a long career in merchant shipping and the offshore oil industry.

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