VIDEO: Formula 54

By: Steve Raea

With a production history spanning 26 years, Auckland’s Formula Cruisers has worked hard to establish itself as a premium builder of semi-production motor yachts and sports. While it is naïve to suggest builders of luxury vessels are ‘recession-proof’, Formula Cruisers has effectively turned the other cheek and invested in its brand.


Formula’s current flagship, the Icon 54, has been in production now for nearly three years and has found a steady market with five boats in the water and a sixth dedicated sports fisher due for launching early this year.

During its time in production the Icon 54 has undergone some subtle design changes which have collectively resulted in considerable gains in internal volume but without any noticeable impact on exterior lines and styling.

Formula’s latest launching, Icon 54 number five, brings these design changes together in a package that introduces a fresh new interior layout ideally suited to the warmer Australian climate and the Aussie’s penchant for extended limits game fishing.

Launched in October, this new Icon is the first to feature an internal flybridge staircase which has allowed Senior to include enclosed toilet and showering facilities in the starboard forward corner of the cockpit where the exterior flybridge stairs would normally be located.

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