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By: Norman Holtzhausen

While jetsprinting has become increasingly popular with a growing spectator base over the last 30 years, it can be extremely costly for anyone wishing to participate. But a new range of family-oriented, Superthriller jet boats may change that.

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  • The Superthriller is an entry-level, jetsprint class that is affordable and suitable for family participation
  • The Superthriller jet boat weighs 415kg dry and can be easily launched by one person as there is no propeller to protect
  • These boats are for use in sheltered waterways rather than open seas, as they have a relatively low deck height
  • Less than a metre in length, the Maverick XC jet unit can be fitted to a variety of hull types
  • The boat’s hull is 4mm marine grade aluminium at the bottom, to protect against the knocks and bumps of a jetsprint course; the sides and deck are 3mm alloy

Coggan & Williams Limited (CWL) sells the Superthriller jet boats as a complete turnkey solution. They are raced in standard trim, with no modifications allowed

The Superthriller jet boat combines Vortec EFI four-stroke engines (a compact four-cylinder, 1.6 litre petrol unit developing 95hp) with Maverick XC jet units.

The jet units were designed by CWL in 2001 and feature a marine-grade aluminium body (sand-cast), with the jet pump comprising two main housings. Inlet grill, drive shaft and impellor, as well as the aft bearings, are stainless steel. The twin duct reverse bucket is also sand-cast marine-grade aluminium, with all-stainless steel fittings.

The emphasis is on durability, simplicity and easy maintenance. Less than a metre in length, the jet unit can be fitted to a variety of hull types. Custom steering and reverse helm controls are manufactured by the company.

A double rubber coupling isolates the engine’s vibration from the jet drive shaft, leading to less wear and quieter running. CWL then designed a 3.73m (12ft 3in) alloy jetsprint boat.

Hulls are built by Maxcraft in Hamilton. The bottom is 4mm marine grade aluminium, the sides and deck are 3mm alloy. A 1.64m (5ft 4in) beam provides cockpit space for the two composite race-style seats with harnesses.

CWL built a closed cooling system for the engine with a custom shell trap. This unit collects debris in a clear plastic collector, where it’s easily seen and removed. CWL also designed a heat exchanger unit that’s tolerant of fine particles.

The boats feature full instrumentation, a bilge blower and a fire extinguisher. A roll cage is fitted and is easily removed for transport and storage. The fuel tank holds 25 litres. An in-tank fuel pump is a safety feature to ensure no fuel spillage occurs in the unlikely event of the boat rolling.

The entire unit weighs in at approximately 415kg (dry), and provides great performance without being overpowered. The boat reaches speeds in excess of 40mph, and is suited to racing as well as adventure trips and general recreational use.

For easy servicing CWL has ensured that the engine and jet unit are fully accessible and says the entire engine can be removed in around 10 minutes. The boats come with a maintenance and warranty backup, as well as a comprehensive owner’s handbook outlining basic maintenance and systems.

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