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By: Lawrence Schäffler, Photography by: Lawrence Schäffler

If the country’s in a recession, no one’s told Lloyd Elliott, owner of Nelson’s Osprey Boats. The company has just enlarged its factory, invested in new technology and is well on the way to double production over the next year.

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  • The Osprey 610 HTC is a stretched 610, with a LOA of 6.35m, the HTC stands for Hard Top – Custom
  • The bare structure weighs in at around 600kg. The boat rides on a twin-axle braked Mudgeway trailer, and the package weighs 1.8 tonnes.
  • The Osprey 610 HTC is fitted with a 150hp VTEC Honda outboard
  • The Osprey factory offers a range of models and a level of customisation is also available
  • The most popular Osprey models are the 750 HT and the 590 cuddy cabin

The Osprey 610 HTC offers easier handling than the standard Osprey 650 and more room than the standard 610. In the demonstration model reviewed, the extra room allowed for a small galley and electric toilet.

The boat features four, full-length longitudinal bearers (full depth, hull to floor) gusseted between stringers (every 400mm). An under-floor 300-litre fuel tank (an independently-fabricated cell) fits into the structure. Pontoons and topsides are manufactured from 3mm aluminium, and the hull from 5mm. It’s all marine grade aluminium and the pontoons (divided into separate compartments) are pressure tested.

The Osprey’s hull is further protected with a full-length sacrificial keel bar. There are four planing strakes (two per side) and the variable deadrise trails to 23o at the transom. It is fitted with a 150hp VTEC Honda outboard. The bare structure weighs in at around 600kg. The boat rides on a twin-axle braked Mudgeway trailer, and the package weighs 1.8 tonnes.

The boat has a large cockpit, plenty of rod holders and a bait board as a self-draining unit with variable positions. The galley on the Osprey reviewed features sliding doors and a Rinnai cooker (two burners and grill). The toilet is electric, and a calafont heats the fresh water (stored in an 80-litre bladder equipped with a pressure sensitive pump). Osprey does provide a level of customisation to its models.

The Osprey factory has recently expanded and increased throughput to about 100 boats a year. It has invested in new technology and systems, including a move to CNC water-jet cutting the boat components, which is contracted out to a Christchurch company. Water-jet cutting significantly improves build quality and build time. It simplifies pre-production as drawings are converted to electronic files for accuracy and emailed to the water-jet operators. Osprey has supported this development with the purchase of four new TIG and MIG welding machines, and a new press brake.

Osprey makes a range of models, including the 750 HT and 590 cuddy cabin.

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Tui – What’s the connection?

Well, the boat’s the centrepiece in a beer promotion. DB breweries is using Tui in a fishing-trip prize. Anyone buying more than five cartons of Tui goes into the draw to win a fishing trip on the Tui – courtesy of Lloyd’s fishing expertise.


(price as reviewed $115,000. Base price from $40,565)

LOA 6.35m Beam 2.25m Deadrise Variable – 23o at transom Dry weight 600kg Fuel 300 litres Fresh water 80 litres in bladder, pressure sensitive pump Engine 150hp Honda VTEC


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