VIDEO: Extreme 460 Sport Fisher

By: Lawrence Schäffler, Photography by: Lawrence Schäffler

Introduced at this year’s Hutchwilco Boat Show, the 460 Sport Fisher is the newest foal in the Extreme Boats stable. Robustly-constructed and spacious for her size, she’s sure to be favoured by those looking for hassle-free boating from the beach.

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  • Easy to tow and launch
  • Set up for fishing
  • Stable at rest
  • Ample underfloor storage space in cockpit
  • It’s a smooth build with rounded edges
  • Solid, sensible package with scope to customise the boat to your preferences

The Extreme 460 is a scaled-down version of her bigger sisters, carrying the same sharply-aggressive profile and many of the marque’s trademark features – including a flooding keel and sealed, below-floor buoyancy compartments.

Easy to tow, launch and retrieve, she provides a practical fishing platform with more than enough rod holders.

Thanks to the flooding keel, the boat is very stable at rest. And the 60hp two-stroke Yammie provides plenty of zip.

The 460 has an emphasis on strength with a fully welded cage of stringers and frames that make up the sealed buoyancy compartments under the tread plate floor. The hull plate is 4mm, with 3mm for the sides and decks.

With a tow weight of 850kg she’s considerably heavier than other alloy vessels of her size.


With seating for two (swivel seats on pedestals), the 460 provides ample cockpit room for two anglers, and carries six rod holders.

It’s a particularly generous cockpit (the boat has a 1.86m beam), and the tread plate floor offers secure footing. It’s resilient to scrapes and knocks and will be easy to wash down at the end of the day.

For me, the best part of the cockpit is the exceptional storage space in the form of central lockers underfoot – there are four.

Standard shelves run full length, the tote tank lives under the transom, and above it is a further carpeted open locker. On the opposite side are two sealed lockers, one containing the battery.

There is no step-through in the transom for getting to the Portofino stern, but stepping over it on a boat this size is not really an issue. I liked the rounded, roll-formed gunwale edges.

Flooding keels are hallmark Extreme, and it’s a particularly valuable feature on a boat this size. A large central chamber running the length of the hull that floods when the boat is at rest, adding significant stability. Hit the throttle, and the chamber empties in seconds.


Behind the curved, tinted windscreen is a fairly expansive helm station.

The pedestals and swivel seats are at the perfect height, and there is more storage in each of the pedestal bases. The folding canopy is an optional extra.

Constructed from solid alloy, the foredeck hatch is a particularly wide one, and even your most generously-proportioned mate will have lots of space for deploying and retrieving the anchor. Ground tackle lives in an open, self-draining locker.

Cabin space is modest, but there’s enough room for the two of you to sit down and take a break from the sun/rain, and pour yourselves a cup of tea. Ceiling and sides are lined, and there are more shelves for storage.

All in all, the 460’s a solid, sensible package that leaves you enough scope to customise the boat to your particular preferences and choice of accessories.


The 60hp Yamaha falls in the middle of the recommended horsepower range (40-90hp) for the boat, and is perfectly adequate for the job. At cruise speed (40mph), the engine is doing around 4000rpm. The engine tops out at around 5500rpm.

Yamaha’s fuel monitoring technology is an optional extra with the vessel.

Typically Extreme, it doesn’t flinch in hard cornering, and the fine entry, strakeless hull is wonderfully smooth over the swells.

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Specifications Extreme 460 Sport Fisher
(Price as reviewed $33,200)

LOA 4.60m
Beam 1.86m
Deadrise 19.5o
Rec hp 30-75
Construction 4mm and 3mm marine grade aluminium
Engine 60hp two-stroke Yamaha
Trailer Single-axle Extreme trailer


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744-4440_IMG.jpg 744-4440_IMG.jpg
744-4450_IMG.jpg 744-4450_IMG.jpg
744-4451_IMG.jpg 744-4451_IMG.jpg
744-4455_IMG.jpg 744-4455_IMG.jpg
744-4458_IMG.jpg 744-4458_IMG.jpg
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