VIDEO: Lazercraft XP741 Generation II

By: Lawrence Schäffler, Photography by: Lawrence Schäffler

No one would accuse Dunedin’s Lazercraft of building dull boats, but even die-hard fans will agree the new-generation models have something special. The latest of them – the XP741 – is a slick advance on its predecessor. And it comes with a competitive price tag.

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  • The old Lazercraft 741 and its new Generation II XP sister use the same, original hull
  • The Generation II boats have a lustrous paint job now guaranteed for five years
  • The XP741 remains a composite of alloy and fibreglass
  • Enclosed hardtop with radical new seating arrangement
  • Good over-nighting prospect with double bed, electric toilet and hot shower


The basic configuration of the Lazercraft XP741 hasn’t changed, but side plates are 4mm rather than 3mm, there’s a heavier treadplate for the floor, and a 5mm keel strip has been added.

The XP741 remains a composite of alloy and fibreglass. Deck and hardtop are built from fibreglass, reducing overall weight and lowering the centre of gravity to enhance stability.

The hardtop’s vacuum infused and is supported internally by robust aluminium uprights.

Below the treadplate floor longitudinal runners and frames incorporate three sealed buoyancy tanks, the 245-litre fuel tank and a 60-litre fresh water tank.

The new boat benefits from a redesign of the transom. The twin batteries have been moved to a lower level, leaving the large transom lockers free for stowing gear, which is more practical and user-friendly.


This boat is the first XP741 with an enclosed hardtop, and inside, a more generous use of carpeting and lining make it cosy, and the seating arrangement’s a radical departure from its predecessor.

The XP model has one bucket seat (swivel, sliding) for the skipper, and a bench seat for the passenger.

The bench provides enormous storage room below. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to utilise all the locker space on the new XP741 – it’s everywhere, in sensible, easy-to-use locations.

The cabin interior features squabs that form an expansive double bed. Under the port side squab is an electric toilet (an optional extra, and it’s a flush-through) and it’s well-integrated into the structure. The cabin’s equipped with a curved sliding door for privacy.

Overall, the boat’s a much stronger over-nighting prospect than its predecessor. That theme’s reinforced with the fresh water shower (mounted against the cockpit bulkhead) heated by a gas califont.

A BBQ clips on to the transom.

The lock-up, bi-fold doors of the hardtop are pretty robust models and click solidly into place.

The new XP features slide down windows in the cabin’s aft bulkhead.

The automatic Maxwell winch on the foredeck means you won’t have to venture forward for anchoring. Warp and chain are stowed in covered locker just forward of the winch.


Yamaha’s 225hp four-stroke is big, powerful, smooth, quiet, and on the back of this boat, very happy. Its twin-output alternator is ideal for the boat’s twin batteries.

It’s fitted with a 17" Saltwater Series prop, and at a sedate cruise speed (45kmh) the engine was turning over at 3800rpm, consuming 30 litres an hour. I pushed it to WOT – 70kmh at 6000 rpm. Even then, with the doors closed, you don’t really have a sense of speed – it’s all very smooth and controlled. The SeaStar hydraulic steering’s light and easy, and the boat hangs securely in the turns.

To offset the windage trim tabs are a standard item on the XP hardtops – this one’s fitted with Lectra-Tabs, and they have the auto-retract feature when you turn off the key.

The boat rides on an alloy, tandem-axle trailer, and all four wheels are braked.

The XP741 is a handsome vessel – well-appointed, comfortable, cosy, well-finished, relatively light for its size, and at $130,000, I think competitively priced.

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Specifications (price as reviewed $130,000)

LOA 7.41m Beam 2.4m Construction 5083 alloy and fibreglass (deck and hardtop) Weight on trailer (dry) 1950kg Fuel 245 litres Water 60 litres Deadrise 20º


745-4573_IMG.jpg 745-4573_IMG.jpg
745-4559_IMG.jpg 745-4559_IMG.jpg
745-4549_IMG.jpg 745-4549_IMG.jpg
745-4562_IMG.jpg 745-4562_IMG.jpg
745-4508_IMG.jpg 745-4508_IMG.jpg
745-4514_IMG.jpg 745-4514_IMG.jpg
745-4516_IMG.jpg 745-4516_IMG.jpg
745-4520_IMG.jpg 745-4520_IMG.jpg
745-4511_IMG.jpg 745-4511_IMG.jpg
745-4583_IMG.jpg 745-4583_IMG.jpg
741-main.jpg 741-main.jpg
745-4502_IMG.jpg 745-4502_IMG.jpg

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