Tender: Naiad 5.3m Pacific

Naiad is probably best known for its large commercial and rescue craft, but it also produces some very smart smaller boats that are often used as tenders

Tender: Naiad 5.3m Pacific
Tenders: Naiad 5.3m Pacific
  • Can accommodate six adults
  • Responsive handling
  • Stable at rest
  • Rugged construction

All of the Naiads are aluminium rigid hulls, and so can take bumps and scrapes in their stride.

The range starts with the baby 2.5m and goes up to 5.8m in approximately half-metre steps. Even the tender range is put to work – with boats from 3.5m up often being used commercially by paua fishers, water taxi operators and divers.

A new addition to the range is the Naiad 5.3m Pacific – a stylish small craft that packs a lot into its compact size. The seating is nicely shaped with flowing curves, easily accommodating six adults.

A handy feature is the open storage area under the helm seat, which is ideal for a chilly bin large enough to feed the family on a big day out.

Having Naiad’s traditional deep vee shape, the hull cuts through the chop easily. The handling is crisp and responsive. The 450mm pontoons provide extra lift when the going gets rough and increased stability at rest.

The 5.3m Pacific can take a wide variety of engine power from 60hp through to 130hp. The performance with the bigger engines is quite exhilarating.

The range of small Naiads is being re-launched in the second half of 2010. In recent times they have been built only to order, but production is now moving to a dedicated volume builder. This will shorten delivery times and allow stocks of popular models to be carried.

Note: If looking at the 5.3 as a tender you will require a davit to safely lift this vessel onboard.

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