Southern XP776 Gen II

By: Steve Raea, Photography by: Steve Raea

Video: Finding the right balance between form and function has long been a challenge for boat designers and builders. At first glance the XP776 appeared to have nailed it. A thorough examination was in order…

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If there was ever an example of a boat that blurred the line between GRP and alloy construction, it would have to be the Gen II range of aluminium trailer boats from Dunedin-based Southern Boats.

Sophisticated design, aggressive styling and robust engineering are hallmarks of the Gen II range and these qualities come together in spades with the new Southern Boats XP776 Hard Top.

If looks could kill the new XP776 should be locked away. From its sculptured foredeck to its curvaceous stern, the XP776 is precious metal through and through.

Essentially a stretched Gen II XP746, the modest increase in waterline and length overall has had a significant impact on the look of the new XP776, delivering a sleeker and more aggressive hull form that oozes design sophistication.

Read the full review in the July issue of Trade A Boat magazine.


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