Atomix 600CC

By: Norman Holtzhausen, Photography by: Norman Holtzhausen

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Combining Kiwi know-how and proven design with Chinese production facilities, the Atomix equation produces a cost-effective solution for those wanting an affordable boat while not compromising on features

Atomix 600CC
Atomix 600CC
  • Impressive boat for relatively modest outlay
  • Centre console offers excellent all-round visibility and access around the boat
  • Rod storage abounds
  • Custom removable live-bait tank
  • Smooth ride with comfortable landings

Atomix boats first hit the water in New Zealand in 2006. The latest models show significant evolution, and the 600CC shows how well the company responds to emerging trends.

The Atomix 6m centre console is based on the brand’s well-proven 6m hull, designed by the award-wining Bakewell-White Design Group. The moulds are made in Auckland using CNC machines to precise standards and sent to the production facility in Jin-Hua in China for use on the production line.

In China the hulls are constructed using the latest resin-infusion techniques, producing hull and deck packages that are strong, light and long lasting. All boats are built to the international CE quality certification and come with a five-year warranty.

The boats are partially finished in China before being shipped back to Atomix’s North Shore factory for customisation and completion. The result is the best of both worlds – Kiwi design and customisation with the cost-effectiveness of a Chinese manufacturing operation.

To be seen on TV

The Atomix 600 hull has a distinctive shape, with a rounded deck profile that has been carried through on the centre console version.

The boat features Atomix’s distinctive split-bow stainless steel safety rails. These allow access through the bow area – useful if you nose up to the beach or a crowded dock area. A galvanised 7kg plough anchor hangs off a bow roller in the stainless steel fairlead. Hidden under a hatch is a South Pacific automatic windlass. A nice touch is the self-latching stay that holds the hatch open if access is needed.

The clearance down the sides is ample, with the high gunwale providing good support. The uncarpeted floor has a textured tread moulded into the gelcoat.

The command centre

The centre console unit itself is fairly wide, providing a generous dash area. The review boats both had Lowrance HDS8 displays fitted, giving brilliant 3D chart displays.

Above the Lowrance are the Mercury Smartcraft gauges, as well as analogue displays of speed and RPM. The windlass control and a power socket complete the top of the dash. A VHF is fitted below the Teleflex hydraulic steering unit.

The throttle control is fitted to the right and is mounted in a vertical aspect rather than the more standard horizontal. This does require the friction control to be cranked up more than usual otherwise the weight of the handle can cause the throttle to move when coming off a wave. However it was easy to use and caused us no problems in practice.

A large locker beneath the dash provides a dry storage area. Seating is provided for two people via a double bench, although while underway it is used more as a leaner.

A stylish T-top from Cover Systems is provided for shelter. The frame is brushed aluminium and can fold down to enable the boats to fit into a garage or carport.


The cockpit is well served with two wet storage lockers under the decks. It is self-draining through scuppers in each corner, and bungs can close these off in rough sea conditions. There are no side pockets, but several rod holders around the gunwales. A bait board fits into two rod holders mounted in the transom.

The stern of the boat is neatly finished, with seats moulded into the step-throughs either side of the oversize outboard well. A small hatch in the front of the well holds the battery switch and the fuel filler pipe. The port side seat has a hatch that reveals a large storage area. A stainless boarding ladder folds into a recess moulded into the port side boarding platform.

An ingenious option is the live-bait tank that clips into the outboard well, custom-made from plastic.

On the water

The boats performed well in the inner-harbour chop, riding smoothly. A 23-degree deadrise at the transom provides a smooth ride and comfortable landings. The solid glass hulls seemed rigid and quiet, with little crash or bang when they landed. The planning strakes hold the boat high out of the water and also assist with tight, controlled turns.

The Optimax 150hp seems to be an excellent match for these hulls, as the package rides in a well balanced manner. A lower power option would still be adequate. We quickly got up over 30 knots with three blokes on board, although conditions did not allow us to push the limits. We could move around anywhere we liked with very little impact on the boat’s trim. Despite the relatively high deadrise it was also very stable at rest regardless of the weight distribution.

These boats, like all centre consoles, are realistically fair-weather boats. There is limited shelter behind the console and the T-top provides no respite from the wind. There is, however, an optional clip-on clear section that can be fitted between the console and the top of the T-top to give the driver better protection. An additional option would be wing-clears.

Despite the lack of cabin protection, the chines do a good job of turning the spray away.

Properly equipped, these boats would make awesome pocket-rockets for game fishing, although the lack of shelter may be an issue for an all-day expedition. The 140-litre under-floor fuel tanks will give a good range.

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LOA 6.0m
Beam 2.3m
Draft 375mm
Deadrise at transom 23 degrees
Trailerable weight 1250kg approx
Horsepower rating 90-150
Fuel capacity 145L

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