White Pointer Pro-Sportfisher 840

By: Jeff Strang, Photography by: Jeff Strang

Video: I’m not sure if it was its ocean-eating good looks, the muscle-flexing performance or the incredible attention to detail that got my attention most this day. Whatever it was about the White Pointer Pro-Sportfisher 840, I knew we’d found a boat that was more than a bit special…

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Educated boaties will already know Gisborne-based White Pointer Boats builds robust and highly-capable offshore workhorses. The company has been the East Coast crayfish industry's "go to" supplier for more two decades - and those boys take no prisoners, believe me.

Our team is also very familiar with the brand.

So familiar, in fact, we included the 850 in our "Boats of the Decade" shootout in February, and the White Pointer 750 was a finalist with merit in our Ozzie sister publication's recent "Australia's Greatest Boats 2011" competition.

For me, White Pointer has always represented the pinnacle of rough, tough, no-nonsense on-the-water performance in a trailer boat. If I ever had a quibble it is that the finishing, while perfectly suited to the company's traditional customer, was not high enough to set them apart from the rabble.

And then there was the Girlfriend.

I have been aware of the existence of this boat since the first plans were drawn, and knowing some of the people involved personally, it was always likely she would be the one to redefine White Pointer boats as we know them. Without going into more detail than would be appreciated, the brains-trust for this project would bring together the very best in eye-for-detail, top-of-the-bill gamefishing experience and superior hull construction. So, in reality, the result was a fait accompli.

Although she was only launched in February this year she has well and truly proven her pedigree. Winning the 12th Steinlager I'a Lapo'a Game Fishing Tournament in American Samoa, and qualifying her delighted crew for entry in the I.G.F.A. Offshore World Championship in Cabo San Lucas, is only part of the story.

This White Pointer has amassed an impressive 12 completed billfish captures with less than 200 engine hours on the clock. That's a billfish capture every second day of use - a record any top boat in this country would be pleased with, especially when you take into consideration the time the boat is not actually chasing marlin.

Read the full review in the October issue of Trade A Boat magazine.



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