Test: Campion Chase Performance 580

By: Matthew Jones, Photography by: Matthew Jones

Campion Chase Performance 580 Campion’s innovative Apex hull provides lift. Campion Chase Performance 580
Campion Chase Performance 580 passenger seats The passenger and helm seats swivel to face the rear for socialising or watching any action out the back, while an optional infill can transform the already luxurious U-shaped couch into a huge sun lounger. Campion Chase Performance 580 passenger seats
Campion Chase Performance 580 driver's seat You won’t want to leave Campion’s impressive Razor Ulra-supension bucket seats, but if you do, the bolster seat flips up so you can stand. Campion Chase Performance 580 driver's seat
Campion Chase Performance 580 Campion Chase Performance 580
Campion Chase Performance 580 A bow infill option will please sunbathers. Campion Chase Performance 580
Campion Chase Performance 580 engine The 150hp Mercury four-stroke is certified to stringent US EPA standards. Campion Chase Performance 580 engine
Campion Chase Performance 580 Bow access is through the split windscreen. Campion Chase Performance 580

The Campion Chase Performance 580 is a luxurious fibreglass sports boat built by Canada's Campion Marine and is one of eight new models recently imported by Sports Marine.

Test: Campion Chase Performance 580
Made using environmentally friendly resin, the 580 shines in the sun.

The test

I met the Sports Marine team on a stunning spring morning where we launched the Campion Chase Performance 580 into a flat, calm Lyttleton Harbour. The throttle was put down while we basked in the sunshine and kicked back to enjoy the ride.

While it only sports a 16° deadrise, the soft-riding Apex hull is more forgiving than a trip to the confessional – whether gripping relentlessly in tight turns or coasting through short, sharp chop, it was solid, predictable and a hell of a lot of fun to drive.


From a standing start, Mercury's quiet and torquey 150hp four-stroke outboard had us up and planing in less than four seconds, climbing smoothly and quickly to a top speed of 43kts (49mph) with two people on board.


Both the sports steering wheel and the seats are adjustable, offering commendable ergonomics in the hot seat, with a full set of gauges (including a handy depth gauge) tastefully decorating the stylish dash.

The Campion 580's luxurious and social-seating layout allows you to entertain up to the maximum rated eight people on the water while the Clarion sound system belts out an impressively clear soundtrack at rump-shaking levels and two handy glove boxes are included to keep your pocket-dwelling valuables safe. One glove box even features a 12V socket and USB input to keep your favourite tunes cranking while protecting your precious iPod.

Flawless fibreglass moulding, plush carpets and stunning upholstery combine for a faultless finish. The attention to detail even extends to the under-seat storage areas, which are all beautifully finished. Pull-out cleats and a stainless steel fuel cap add extra touches of quality.

The outboard installation means there's no large rear boarding platform as is prevalent on many sports boats, but without all the space taken up by an inboard you get a large U-shaped couch to lounge about on till your heart's content instead. Campion -Chase -Performance -580-2

Easy access to the bow is afforded by the split windscreen with enough legroom on the cushy loungers for a 6ft-tall bloke to put his feet up and enjoy the view. A bow infill is standard to transform the bow into a haven for sunbathers.

Everyone gets a quality stainless steel cup holder and a grab rail, and a removable table slots in at the rear and is equipped with yet more cup holders – only this time they feature clever recesses for coffee mug handles. High-quality clip-in carpets enhance on-board comfort for entertaining or can be left at home when serious water sports are on the agenda.

A removable stainless steel ski pole mounts on the transom while a full-length underfloor ski locker accomodates the skis and gear. There's further under-seat storage forward and aft.

Both the passenger and helm seats swivel to face the rear for socialising or watching the watersport action out the back. With a full set of covers, LED navigation lights and interior courtesy lights, you can make the most of any occasion.

Environmentally conscious

Campion are 100% carbon neutral and they are the first boat manufacturer in the world to use Envirez (tm) unsaturated polyester resin, which utilises substantial amounts of renewably sourced soybean oil and corn-derived ethanol in its formulation. The structural foams used also incorporate 20% recycled plastic.

Being environmentally minded doesn't mean Campion employ hippy-like construction techniques – far from it. The Chase Performance 580 is entirely foam filled and composite constructed, utilising a F.I.S.T (Fibreglass Integrated Stringer Technology) grid construction system, 3D fibreglass mat (requiring less resin for saturation), Kevlar reinforcement in impact areas, and is manufactured to both CE and USCG standards.

Campion say their Apex hull and F.I.S.T. stringer system enhance performance to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. Combine all the above with Mercury's fuel-efficient, quiet and low-emission 150hp four-stroke outboard, certified to stringent US EPA standards, and you have a high-quality package with an environmental conscience.

This classy entertainer is supplied on a well-made Profile 2000 braked trailer imported by Sports Marine from US manufacturer Shoreland'r. They come with carpeted skids for a secure cradle as standard and rollers as an option. Depending on the ramp, a bit of effort can be required to push the boat off, but we had no issues driving off and back on the skids at the ramp.


For pure unadulterated fun it's hard to go past the Campion Chase Performance 580. Whether it's waterskiing, wakeboarding or cruising to a secluded bay for lunch, once you've had a taste you'll find it hard to resist this Canadian's stunning finish, social layout and good-time allure whenever the mood strikes.


  • More fun than foreplay
  • Socialise in style, comfort and luxury
  • Good performance and great ride
  • Quiet, smooth and torque-infused 150hp Mercury four-stroke outboard


  • No factory options for the fisherman – not that you'd want blood on the stunning upholstery anyway.
  • Anchor package is extra

Campion Chase Performance 580 - fast facts

Price as tested


Performance data

Campion Chase Performance 580 with 150hp Mercury four-stroke and vengeance 19P Propeller. 2 POB.

5500 (WOT)


Length 5.84m
Beam 2.34m
Draft 82.5cm
Deadrise 16° (Apex)
Weight 916kg (hull)


People 8
Max. HP 200
Fuel 106lt

Engine (as tested)

Make/model Mercury 150hp
Type Four-stroke outboard

Supplied by

Sports Marine,
507 Moorhouse Avenue,

For more information

Scott Williamson
Phone: 03 379 9208 or 021 732 729
Email: scottw@sportsmarine.co.nz 
Web: sportsmarine.co.nz

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