Check out these cool new GME marine radios. Designed to be much more than portable radios, GME handheld radios have a range of features and will float if dropped in water.

GX800 and GX850 GME handheld marine radios come ready to go straight out of the box. Just pop them on the charger, screw in the antenna and attach the optional belt clip and wrist band.

Both units have a lithium polymer battery and five-to-one switchable power sources. If you’re using the units to communicate from, say, a mothership to a tender, simply switch it to one Watt to draw considerable less power.

Both units have IP 67 waterproof rating. They are intended to resist dust and short periods of immersion in water. They also have the "float and flash" function. Drop them in water and they’ll float to the surface like a cork — and if it’s night time, they’ll flash with a little strobe light.



The GME GX 850 handheld marine radio costs around $100 more than the GME GX800. It comes with additional features, including a 48-channel GPS receiver, Class D Digital Selective Calling, a man overboard button, plus a SOG (speed over ground) function.

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