Video: Fyran 550

By: Matt Jones

The Fyran 550 is an entirely new boat for this respected aluminium boat builder.

The Fyran 550 is a new model for aluminium boat builder Fyran Boats.

Fyran Boats is one of the more popular trailerboat manufacturers in New Zealand, having been established half a century ago. Today, Fyran makes an extensive range of aluminium boats, from 7.6m offshore hardtops to 10ft dinghies.

Indeed, Trade-a-Boat reviewer Matt Jones is fond of Fyrans thanks to an early childhood brush with these boats. "One of my first experiences of taking a boat out on my own as a kid was on a Fyran dinghy some 20 odd years ago," says Jones.



The Fyran 550 is a new boat model that incorporates fresh production processes which, according to Nick Herd from Fyran, started "from the hull up".

"It’s brand new all the way through," says Herd. "When we started with this boat we redesigned some of the framework in it and a lot of the way we assemble and finish the interior."

Herd says improved software at the Fyran factory is one reason why the construction of the Fyran 550 began from the ground up.

"It’s allowed us to see deeper into the construction of the boat. This has allowed us to not only save time and by production but actually add value to the boat," he says.



A feature on the Fyran 550 that is obviously aimed at fishermen is the bait station. "Inside the baitstaion we’ve got built-in notches every 2cm. The baitboard is removable so you can wash it over the side. Underneath that, you can have the option of a little tacklebox and then, underneath that again, we’ve built in a possie for your chilli bin (for Australian viewers, that’s your Esky cooler)."

Four rodholders are standard, as is plenty of storage for fishing rods. The size of the boarding platform has also been increased, something which will also appeal to divers.

Power on the Fyran 550 is from a new 100hp four-stroke Honda outboard motor. This is the maximum four-stroke engine rating for this hull, giving it a top end speed of about 34kts.


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