Video: Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher

We go for a ride aboard a Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher belonging to Surtees Boats managing director Phil Sheaff.

Trade-a-Boat reviewer Matt Jones tries out a Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher that happens to be the personal boat of Phil Sheaff, the managing director at Surtees Boats.



This particular Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher can almost be considered as something of a test bed for new ideas at Surtees. "I built it a couple of months ago," says Phil Sheaff. "We’re always trying to improve our boats so when we built this one here it had some pretty nice features on it that we’re going to incorporate on all our 6.7s from here on," he says.

On this Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher the hull has been re-designed. It’s now 6mm and the improvement was noticeable when the crew began the day on an older-model Gamefisher, but then hopped aboard Phil’s new Surtees. "It’s a lot quieter, smoother, and softer riding," says Matt, adding that it’s also heavier and more solid down below.

Another change is the layout of the cabin. A lockable hardtop, it has been moved forward somewhat, freeing cockpit room.

Of course, the Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher still retains its many creature comforts. The cabin has a spacious double berth, toilet, fridge, storage drawers, hot water, shower and much more.

Its massive 280lt fuel tank will ensure its operators go far and wide.



The Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher review took place on a gorgeous sunny day with a 1m swell and a bit of chop on top when the wind got up. Travelling at 40kmh at about 4000rpm with four people onboard, the ride remained comfortable throughout. Power came from a 250hp Honda four-stroke outboard motor.

At one point Matt gave it some stick, going at full throttle to measure top-end performance, and the boat handled these conditions without any fuss.

Overall, the Surtees 6.7 Gamefisher is a great boat to drive and offers an excellent balance between fishability, cabin and cockpit space — and as mentioned, the new 6mm hull is noticeably quieter than its predecessor’s (already very good) ride.


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