Video: Jeanneau Velasco 43F review

Video by: Barry Ashenhurst

We review the brand new Jeanneau Velasco 43F, just in time for its Australian launch at the 2015 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.



The Jeanneau Velasco 43F is a brand new luxury power boat from the famous French yard. It’s a two-cabin, two bathroom power boat with twin V-drive Cummins Diesel shaft drives, something which (Australian) distributor Matt Willet from Matthew Willet Marine  says is a notable point of difference on the Jeanneau boats range.



Incorporating a traditional trawler-style design, the Jeanneau Velasco 43F has an upstairs galley and one-deck layout with side-opening door. Even so, says Matt, fitted with twin 380hp Cummins engines as standard, the Velasco 43F can comfortably perform at 25kts.

"It has a sort of cruising harbour-style layout," says Matt. "Mum and dad will feel quite comfortable on here. The two beds and two bathrooms are great for going away for a few days and if you want to go on at 8kts it’s got a good 400 to 450 mile range," he says.

Interestingly, the layout is slightly offset, echoing European tradition. The result is a walkway that is a bit wider on the starboard side than the port side. The logic behind this is very deliberate.

"The reasoning behind it is that, rather than have two wide walkways and a narrow saloon, we have one good accessible walkway and one slightly narrower one, but we still have plenty of space in the saloon," says Matt.


Jeanneau Velasco 43F review

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The Jeanneau Velasco 43F comes standard with bow and stern thrusters, as well as the previously mentioned twin 380hp Cummins diesel shaft drives. This gives the Velasco 43F a high degree of manoeuvrability.

Indeed, shaft drives have been around for many years. Although pod drives have become a trend lately, says Matthew, Jeanneau opted to build the Velasco 43F with this style of engine.

The verdict? The Jeanneau Velasco 43F is a luxury boat that is fantastically easy to drive and has the benefit of also being very easy to maintain.

"It’s about as easy as you can get drive," says Matt.

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