Review: Rayglass Legend 2350

By: Matthew Jones, Photography by: Matthew Jones, Video by: Matthew Jones & Stephen Dwight

Rayglass Boats certainly knows how to design and build exceptional boats. Once again, with the new Rayglass Legend 2350, Rayglass has created an award-winning boat that merges comfort, class and capability.

At the end of a long week, when the goalposts have finally stopped moving and the difficult customers have all knocked off, there aren’t many moments in life that are quite as satisfying as launching the boat and leaving it all behind – especially on a Friday afternoon when the sun is shining.

So when the isobars parted after weeks of winter’s worst it was finally time to get acquainted with Rayglass’ multi award-winning Legend 2350. Ross Flexman from Rayglass Boats didn’t need much convincing to drop the 2350 in the water either, bringing his daughters along for a spot of fishing to finish off the school holidays in style.

A biting southerly was intent on ruining our plans so we wasted no time in making a dash through the choppy Motuihe Channel to seek shelter. Brett Southey and I could only look on in envy from the photo boat as the 2350 comfortably sliced through the chop, while we tried desperately to keep up.

Once on location I pulled out the "I’ve got some work to do" card and managed to convince the girls to jump ship so I could have some fun … I mean get to work.  Whilst I genuinely felt bad commandeering their ride, all guilt was quickly forgotten once behind the wheel.


Rayglass Legend 2350

Rayglass Legend 2350

No matter how many times you slide behind the helm of a Rayglass Legend the experience never loses its lustre. In the case of the Rayglass Legend 2350, you get a great view combined with excellent ergonomics, luxurious comfort, and pure performance made for a pleasurable and thoroughly rewarding drive.

Adding to the enjoyment was the quiet, refined nature of the 23-degree foam filled hull and 250hp of Mercury supercharged six-cylinder Verado on the back. With the Smartcraft Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) offering precise control it’s one of those boats I could have simply just kept on driving.

The well laid-out and upright dash puts the Garmin 8012s screen in easy view whether seated at the helm or dropping a line out the back. While a wiper and trim tabs were fitted I had little need to use them on the day.

Rayglass Legend 2350 dash

At 4000rpm it’s gliding along at 26kts using a modest 1.42lt/nm. If time is of the essence it’s comfortably capable of over 40kts but consumption climbs to 2.38lt/nm at WOT. If you want to tow a few lures this classy package is using around 10lt/h at trolling speeds. With 250lt of fuel on tap you’re certainly not limited for destination options.

If you prefer diesel power the Rayglass Legend 2350 is also available with a 260hp Mercury diesel option. Rayglass’ specially designed transom means you don’t have to sacrifice cockpit space with the diesel sterndrive option either (see Trade-a-boat 238 for John Willis’ thoughts on the diesel version).

The 2350’s 2.45m beam is carried well forward to offer good stability with maximum room within while remaining within towing restrictions. At just under 2.4-tonnes on the braked tandem-axle trailer it’s also within the capability of most large SUVs, putting all the great nautical destinations in reach.


Layout and design

Rayglass Legend 2350 cockpit

Rayglass is well known for winning the attention of boat show judges with over 50 ‘Boat of the Show’ awards to its name. It comes as no surprise that the Rayglass Legend 2350 won Boat of the Show All Purpose 6-7m on debut in 2013 at the NZ Boat Show and followed it up with the Boat of the Show GRP Fishing Boat 6-7m a year later. After spending some quality time on board I can vouch that it’s quite the multi-tasker.

Down in the cabin, cushy full-length berths (with an in-fill) provide a spacious double for snoozing or occasional overnighting which even my 6ft1in frame was able to stretch out on.  A roll-down privacy curtain and electric toilet should keep the whole family happy, as will the Maxwell auto capstan which provides enjoyable anchoring.

The king/queen seating layout is comfortable and sociable with masses of storage for the gear below. Speaking of storage, two clever rodlockers allow the light tackle to be kept safely stashed out of harm’s way. Further large under-transom lockers help to keep the cockpit floor uncluttered as well.

In true Rayglass style the side each gunwale features footholds with cushioned padding and classy teak up top. As tested there were no less than 14 stainless steel rodholders fitted to keep even the best-equipped anglers happy. The fully moulded cockpit liner with scuppers and a saltwater wash down should make light work of the mess.

Beneath the cockpit floor twin underfloor bins with solid stainless steel handles allow several days’ catch to be kept on ice for an extended period. They’re easily removed – once back at home wash down and drop back in ready for the next getaway.

Rayglass Legend 2350 layout

Even the baitboard’s classy with a food-grade cutting surface and a clever recessed, self-draining area to stop the baits rolling off. The lack of front lip and good working height will make wielding a knife safe and easy. Transom compartments also allow for an optional livebait tank on one side and a freshwater sink to wash your hands in on the other.

When the fish aren’t biting a standard towing eye converts the baitboard mount into plenty of family fun times. Clip-in carpets are another nice touch that further increases the versatility and comfort levels on board. Overall the finish is faultless, extremely classy and relaxed at all times.

As tempting as it was to take the Rayglass Legend 2350 home (the kids had made it clear which boat they wanted to be on – the look on their faces as I returned and handed back the keys said it all) the cold slog home in the cuddy cabin photo boat also said something about the benefits that hardtops offer for year-round boating.


The Trade-a-Boat verdict

Rayglass Legend 2350 on the water

Rayglass certainly knows how to design and build exceptional boats. Once again it has created an award-winning blend of comfort, class and capability with the new Legend 2350. It’s black and white in colour, but also black and white in nature – no nasty surprises or broken promises. Just pure class and the freedom, ride and versatility to do as you please. And as I found on the test day, with one of these at your disposal a much-needed escape quickly turns to nautical nirvana.


Rayglass Legend 2350 sea trials

Rayglass Legend 2350 with 250hp Mercury Verado four-stroke outboard motor and Enertia 17 propeller































* Sea-trial data supplied by Rayglass Boats.



• Exceptionally quiet and comfortable

• Versatile fishing or family escape vessel

• Year-round usability

• Superb attention to detail, quality features and functional layout

• Hot looks and performance with 250hp Verado



• Live bait tank is on the small side (optional)


Rayglass Legend 2350 specs

Rayglass Legend 2350 price: $139,000 (with trailer)

Priced from



TYPE Monohull

MATERIAL Fibreglass


BEAM 2.45m

WEIGHT 2380kg towing weight




PEOPLE (DAY) 8 (NIGHT) 2       

REC. HP RANGE 200 to 350

FUEL 250lt          



MAKE/MODEL Mercury Verado 250

TYPE Six-cylinder inline, supercharged, fuel-injected petrol outboard motor



WEIGHT 288kg


PROPELLER Enertia 17



Rayglass Boats

7 Paisley Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Phone +64 9 573 7979




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