Sealegs’ latest a “fisherman’s dream”

When it comes to high-end fishing platforms, Sealegs International’s latest offering – the range-topping 12-meter Sealegs Cabin RIB – is a fisherman’s dream.

The new launch features a 12-metre-long fishing platform with an overall beam of 3.6 meters, providing space for all manner of fishing activities.


“The 12RC defines the new standard of freedom, luxury, and comfort in an amphibious craft. 

The size of the platform enables customers the freedom to use their Sealegs in nearly all-weather conditions in style and comfort,” says Sealegs chief executive officer David McKee Wright.

“Add to that the significant convenience of an amphibious enablement system and you have nothing short of a game changer in terms of size, convenience, luxury, and, of course, functionality.”

Power is plentiful with a pair of Yamaha 425hp V8 outboards. The boat is also rigged with the latest in integrated electronic steering, coupled with Yamaha’s CL7 multifunction display.  

“Advanced ‘drive-by-wire’ throttle controls and Helm Master joystick docking and positioning controls create a truly effortless boating experience. As you would expect, performance is impressive with speeds of 37 knots achievable,” Sealegs says.  

The new offering also features dual electric sunroofs and an electrically operated divider. The 12RC is available in several layout options including a galley, up to four berths and a bathroom.

“The amphibious enablement system is Sealegs proven System 100 kit, based on existing Sealegs patented technology. It is the result of a three-year development project to upscale and commercialise the amphibious capability for much larger professional craft.”

Based in Auckland – where the Sealegs concept of amphibious boating was first invented and where they continue to be manufactured – the amphibious craft is used by customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Last year, Sealegs commemorated the production of its 1500th craft.  

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Photography: Sealegs

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