Enter the “SNAPPER FEST” fishing competition and be into win thousands of dollars in prizes

This summer Trader-Boat is launching their annual FREE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY fishing competition. Snapper Fest will run from the 11th of January 2016 until the 10th of April 2016. The best thing about our fishing competition is entry is free and therefore you could win thousands of dollars in prizes for having fun and participating in your normal summer activities without any extra effort.

To compete in most fishing competitions these days you have to submit a caught fish into the completion organisers. You don’t know how your fish compares to other contestants and therefore anglers keep every large fish caught in case it’s a competition winner. Here at Trade-a-Boat we want to avoid this kind of fishing in order to conserve our natural resources for all the future generations of fishermen and woman. As the traditional approach doesn’t provide an option for anglers to enjoy the challenge of catching fish without having to kill the fish to enter the competition we have launched the “Snapper Fest”.

The catch to the “Snapper Fest” is that the competition is run solely through social media. Once the first fish in the competition has been caught the angler will upload a picture of the fish against an official measure sticker onto the Snapper Fest Facebook page and until another angler catches a bigger / longer fish their fish will be in the lead. This type of competition allows for complete transparency of other contestants catches therefore eliminating overfishing and giving the angler the choice whether to keep the fish for dinner or release it back into the ocean.

We have three different types of categories for entrants

-        Open Men

-        Open Women

-        Children under 14

And entrants will be eligible to enter four different types of fish into the competition. These are

-        Snapper

-        King Fish

-        Joh Dory

-        Kawahi 

The great thing about the Snapper Fest is the hassle free nature of the competition. There are no compulsory measure ins, its completely free and you have a three month period to fish, resubmitting larger caught fish as many times as you want. Every time you catch a fish that is bigger than the leading sized fish you simply upload that fish picture against the measure onto Facebook and that fish takes the lead.

There will be grand prizes for the top three winners, and heaps of spot prizes that will be given away on a continual basis throughout the duration of the competition.

All entrants need to fill out this quick registration form so we can send you a measure sticker if you require one and some brief information on the terms, conditions and a more detailed outline of the competition.

Registration is FREE and can be done here.