Video: Innovision 515 Active

Video by: Justin Bennett

Trade-A-Boat headed to Omaha to catch up with Simon Minoprio of Innovision Boats and find out more about his latest release—the IV515 Active

Based in Auckland, Innovision Boats was started by Simon Minoprio in 2012 with the first Innovision 616 Explorer. Since then, he's added more models and introduced four styles: Explorer (Hard Top), Sports (Soft Top), Active (Centre Console/Cabin), and Sedan (Cruising) that all come in a range of sizes.   

His latest model, the IV515 Active, is a decent-sized centre console boat, designed to protect you from the elements when out on the water.

There's ample storage, with the wide bench, which sits two people, folding up to create space. Underneath is the chilli bin that slides out and can be securely locked when travelling. There's also plenty of space underneath the console to store bags, lunch, and other gear.

For more features, watch the video.

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